This is what makes us happy!

As you’ve probably already heard, Hedwyg published her new book Prezi Hotshot a few weeks ago. This book contains 10 projects with which you can create great prezis. For example, the book explains how you can put your resume into Prezi, how you create a hand drawn prezi or how you create a corporate prezi. So, it’s an interesting book for everyone who’s working with Prezi! We are happy, because the book is well received and Prezi has linked a really cool giveaway to it.







In the blog of Prezi, nine easy and quick ways were discussed to learn how to work with Prezi. You can get help from Prezi itself, or get started yourself by watching tutorials or reading blog posts. In this blog there was also attention for Prezi Hotshot and of course we are very proud of that. The giveaway from Prezi meant you could win your own copy of Prezi Hotshot by placing an image on Twitter or Instagram of your own prezi. Within no-time the first participants dropped in and #PreziHotshot became a great success.









Another way to participate was on a special Facebook page of Prezi. You entered your name and e-mail, and after that you could add the image of your prezi and send the message.









Finally it was time to announce the winners. 10 happy winners were announced through Twitter and they have now received their own copy of Prezi Hotshot.







Did you miss this giveaway? No tears. We have enough copies of the book Prezi Hotshot! 

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