The world of.

Sunday the 21st of September, the international day of peace. Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam is getting ready for an unique concert that will take place in the evening. Top artists from conflict areas all over the world are preparing for an emotional, musical evening. It’s going to be a night not to forget, already.

MasterPeace is the organization behind the concert and they want to inspire people by combining their talents and energy to create peace and togetherness. The message of tonight? Together we can create a world with less conflict.

Now, I’m not a real peacemaker from nature and to be honest I’d rather run far away from every organization that collects money to help people in the world. Maybe this doesn’t sound fair, but the trust I have in these kinds of organizations isn’t really high and most of the times it feels like a far from my bed show. So not really weird that I walked into the Ziggo Dome at half past seven with mixed feelings.

When I walk in, the atmosphere feels like a sort of warm blanket and I realize that we’re all here for one reason: building together on a world with no place for conflict (excluding the diehard fans waiting for their favorite artists coming on stage). And then the music starts. WOW.


The young Dutch singer Karsu ends the pre program with an intense performance.
She asks if everyone wants to hold up his program book on the middle page, where a big heart appears. Doubtful the first five people hold theirs up in the sky, after which slowly but surely the whole Ziggo Dome is filled with red hearts. We are Nelson! Even I get the goose bumps and get prouder every minute of being part of this group of people.

The rest of the evening is filled with artists from conflict areas standing proud next to each other and bringing us the most beautiful duets, a gun that has been turned into a guitar and personal stories. A child soldier who took faith in his own hands and chose for a life filled with music. A pianist who played classical songs on the piano in front of police officers, during all the violence in Ukraine. A Sudanese singer, demonstrable seized with emotion and caught in the moment, barely understanding where he stands at this point and with him lots of others. Impressed and with goose bumps all over my body I listen to the music. And then the penny drops.

I don’t think music realizes peace, or gets countries out of conflict. I also don’t think that our world leaders will lie awake from the sound that’s called peace. But, it is the world of us. Together we can create togetherness and listen to our music. Just being somewhere else with our thoughts and forget all conflicts on this world for a little while. MasterPeace, thanks for this special evening.

Wondering what we made for MasterPeace? Take a look at our portfolio.

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