The new Prezi Viewer

Prezi has developed a new, improved Prezi viewer that’s unrolled today. The new viewer gives a faster and better Prezi experience on all platforms. For the most prezis this change doesn’t matter. But for some other prezis it does. These are the prezis that contains Flash animations, because the new viewer doesn’t support Flash animations anymore. Relax. It doesn’t have to be a disaster. Because the animation is replaced by a still picture.

The upcoming period (a few months) you can still go back to the old viewer so you can at least download your prezi in the old condition and can keep using it. When you download your prezi as a “portable prezi” (ZIP file), everything will continue working. By following the link “Return to the old version” you can go back to the old viewer.

Watch out! The static SWF files will continue working, only the SWF animations won’t.

As a supplement between the technicians under us: the new viewer is based on JavaScript which means we’re not dependent on Flash anymore (for the viewer at least). And that’s nice because Prezi will work on all platforms. So you won’t need a different viewer for the iPhone and iPad anymore.

Also read the update page of Prezi itself about the new Prezi Player.

Hereby an overview of point of interests about the new viewer (which we now know, because this list can be extended):

  • Flash animations (SWF) don’t work anymore.
  • The first frame of a Flash animation is shown as an image.
  • Static SWF files continue working.
  • When you embedded a prezi into a website, it could be possible you need to embed it again (with the new code).
  • A video is always shown in the upper layer. Everything that’s above the video, isn’t visible during the play.
  • When you download the prezi as a “portable prezi” (ZIP), the Flash animations will still work. The question is how long that will continue.

Comments are welcome!

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