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Dutch Design is famous, world famous. Typical Dutch Design is minimalistic, experimental, innovative, unconventional and with a sense of humor. Every year both the Dutch Design Week and the Dutch Design Awards take place in Eindhoven. At least nine days in a row you can take a look inside the future of design and discover the trends of tomorrow.

At Prezi University we love beautiful things as well and we like to create beautiful presentations. Preferably with Prezi of course, the presentation tool of the future. Especially for you we listed our five Dutch Prezi Design tips. Take a step inside the world of design and get started!

1. Form Follows Function

We’d like to place the well-known Form Follows Function (FFF) principle from the architecture world on the first place of our Dutch Prezi Design tips. Indeed, the story you’re going to tell is much more important than the presentation you show. When every technical aspect fails you’ll at least have your story left. And if you can still tell that story at that point, you really have a good one. Your presentation is an accessory matter (hear us say that!). Because it’s not necessary to show the audience what you’re telling and the things you show need to have an added value to your story.

Your story first
So, before you even start designing in a tool, make sure you first finished your story. We mostly work with a storyline and storyboard. A storyline is your story, written in short sentences, and a storyboard is the translation from text to image, or the visualization of your story.

2. Overview

This tip is very specific for Prezi presentation and also the power of a good prezi. Creating the right flow (path) in a Prezi presentation isn’t rocket science for most people, but creating a right overview is different. Lots of people don’t even know how to visualize the overview and how to use it. An overview is important to give your audience context and reveal the relations between the different subjects. This way your audience will know what has been and what has yet to come. That’s what people like. If you only switch from one subject to another (so without an overview), you’re audience will become restless. With an overview they can breathe again and put everything together. Compare it to a helicopter view or just that step back to see things from a distance.

How do you do this in Prezi?
Both in the Prezi-editor and presentation mode you can click the little house on the right side of the screen to reveal the overview. So you can always use this. Another option is to add it to your path using the option Add Current View. When you want the overview to come back several times during your presentation, it’s also possible to give your audience the overview before you start a new subject. Other ways are to start or end your presentation with an overview. This makes it easier for your audience to ask questions, because they can see all main subjects in one glance.

3. Minimalism

OFORM Jewelry collection

The famous “Less is more” from architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe as a principle of minimalistic architecture is what we love to use as well concerning our prezis. The more you can take away, the more powerful things you do show become. That’s why we like little text, a lot of white space, a few different colors, simple fonts, big surfaces and better more of the same than all different things.

Simplicity is graceful, especially in Prezi presentations.

4. Use motion functional

Motion in a Prezi presentation is essential because motion gives focus and attention. However, motion is also the biggest pitfall in Prezi. Because when you use motion without thinking, your audience gets motion sick within seconds. So how do you use motion in a right way? The only right answer to this question is that you only need to use motion functional. Simply said: motion needs to be meaningful.

Use motion meaningful
When you zoom into a subject to discover more about this subject, motion would be meaningful. You also use it in sayings, for instance: “We’re going to dig deeper on this one”. Zooming out to show the overview is also meaningful. Think about the step back and the helicopter view. When you want to show a contrast or if you want to show a whole other side, it’s okay to put your presentation upside-down.  But useless ninety degrees rotations are best left ignored.

By the way, this doesn’t mean that everything has to be straight on in Prezi. It is allowed to make some little curves and put objects a little on tilt to achieve this. That works fine in Prezi. See it as “pitching along with the waves” what could actually be pretty nice. As long as it doesn’t turn into a storm.

5. More images, less text

An image says more than a thousand words. And that’s not even everything, because when you’re presenting there are already enough words you’re telling. Why would you show these words too? Better use images (also video) in your presentation than text.

You want people to remember you, right?


Generally we are better in remembering and understanding images than text. We have to read texts. And if we need to read in a presentation, we don’t listen to the speaker anymore. It’s also easier to get emotions across. With video it’s possible to move your audience to tears and pictures can really touch your audience. Please use that in your presentations. Because you want people to remember you, right? Or at least your story? Don’t forget to use humor as well. Funny images or nice videos could be a welcome change and are reminded better than boring texts and graphics. The most important thing is that your footage is from good quality. Better to have one beautiful, good picture than ten blurry images.

I know for sure you will create fantastic presentations with this five Dutch Prezi Design tips!

May I finally make a deal with you?

Let’s create more beautiful things together in the future!

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