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Sli.do: directly in touch with your audience

Your audience has a voice. When sli.do contacted me to test their new tool, I took this opportunity immediately of course. We love Prezi and when something new is developed for Prezi to get in touch with your audience even more, I’m totally excited. I tested sli.do in some of my workshops and I cannot […]

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On our way to the 5th birthday of Prezi!

On April 29th we flew to Budapest (Hungary) for a short vacation with our family. The last time we went to Budapest was four years ago. Back then we met the Prezi team for the first time. I just started to write my first Prezi book and I wanted to interview the founders of this […]

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About Terranova, SXSW and our role in it

Andy Stankiewicz is the co-founder of Terranova; a new concept for an app, with which you get connected with the nearest people, places and events. This app is developed to see the world in a different way and it’s pitched last week during one of the biggest festivals for music, film and interactivity in the […]

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Event report PreziKucha workshop @ Monday Meetup

Every last Monday of the month, Seats2meet.com organizes the Monday Meetup. During this day they’re opening up their open lounge, discussion tables and a few meeting spaces. This is to make sure an open platform takes shape, where knowledge is shared and gained, where people meet each other to network and to enlarge their network. […]

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Prezi joins Obama’s ConnectED!

Prezi joins Obama’s ConnectED! Last week, Prezi CEO Peter Arvai and President Obama announced a partnership for Obama’s new initiative ConnectED. We are really proud to say that Prezi joined ConnectED together with Adobe! Prezi’s commitment will provide 100 million dollar in Edu Pro Licences to hundreds of thousands of high schools and other educators, […]

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Adding effects to your images in Prezi from now!

From now on you won’t need a photo editing program anymore to edit your images, because you can do this all in Prezi with the new function “Effects”. Give your image a nice effect or add a frame to it. Is your photo too light or too dark? No problem. Just edit it in Prezi! […]

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Interview with Pascal van Steen

With his 23 years, Pascal is one of the younger Prezi ambassadors from over the world. At Avans Hogeschool in Breda he taught students about Prezi and he gave seminars about online marketing. He himself is studying Small Business & Retail Management at Avans and he tries to put all his creativity in creating the […]

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Round images in 7 steps

We already wrote a dutch blog about round images  in Prezi. Today we’re going to take it one step further, because we’re going to explain you how to create round images with a transparent background. We’re going to do this with the online editing program Pixlr, because not everyone has Adobe Photoshop on his or her […]

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Easy to find and share, folders in Prezi!

Would you like to share more prezis with one mouse click? It’s possible from now on with folders in Prezi. From today all your prezis can be arranged in folders so you can easily find and share them. It’s ideal when you want to share your prezi with a colleague or customer. Collect your prezis […]

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