directly in touch with your audience

Your audience has a voice.

When contacted me to test their new tool, I took this opportunity immediately of course. We love Prezi and when something new is developed for Prezi to get in touch with your audience even more, I’m totally excited. I tested in some of my workshops and I cannot say anything else than it’s easy, it’s good working and the most important: my participants were very excited too. Suddenly they had an own voice. When I asked a question they didn’t have to raise their hand. A lot of people don’t really like that because they’re afraid that they’re the only one to raise their hand. You can also ask yourself if they answer honestly. When people can answer anonymous, they don’t just answer quicker but also more honest. This is how you get valuable information as a speaker.

But, the most important thing I saw was that everybody enjoyed it. They saw the results immediately changing on screen. And they were really having fun. What is more beautiful for a trainer or speaker to see your participants having fun? what is it? for Prezi is an audience interaction tool that helps speakers and event organizers engage their audience with live questions and polls. As a presenter, you can create an event at’s website and immediately start gathering top questions and ideas from your audience. Participants use their mobile phones, tablets or laptops to vote and ask questions. They receive a simple link and don’t need to install anything. The answers are published real-time.

You won’t have to switch between screens, because you integrate in your prezi. This looks professional and it works smoothly.

With you can get to know your audience and you involve them in your presentation. This is how your audience gets more enthusiastic and more active. The audience also likes voting a lot because they can actually do something.

Besides being engaged in polls, the audience can also ask questions and vote for the ones they find the most interesting and relevant for the presentation topic. The speaker can choose to answer the questions during his presentation or at the very end.

Stay directly in touch with your audience.

What do you need?

It’s not difficult to use for your presentations. You of course need a account, a Prezi presentation and a stable internet connection. The audience will only need a mobile phone, tablet or laptop with a working internet connection. So they don’t have to download or install anything. They can use it right away and it’s so easy, everyone can do it.

There are four different packages. The Basic version is for free. With this package you get all the interactive functions of live polls, questions and Twitter feed. But your data is public and you can only retrieve it 7 days after the event.  A nice way to try out The Enjoy package costs 49 euros per event and offers private data. Meaning your event’s polls and questions are privately stored and you can retrieve your data within 1 year after the event. When you take your event a little bit serious, you should take the Enjoy account. With the Pro version costing 249 euros per event, you can also add your own logo and sponsors to your presentation screen, choose the url and you’ll receive extensive statistics after the event. Your data is private and you’ll get unlimited data retention. This account is ideal for the bigger business meetings and marketing events. The Premium package for 549 euros per event is the ultimate license with the most extensive functions and the most extensive support of The Premium account will mostly be used for the bigger congresses.

You can pay for the different accounts per year or per event. in three steps

It’s easy and it works.

In three simple steps you can already use

  1. Create a new event in your account and copy the Prezi link in it. The prezi will be added automatically in
  2. Add questions (polls) to a few of your views (slides) in your prezi.
  3. Click on the Present button and you can start your presentation.

That’s how simple it works.

Of course there are more options like showing tweets, data analyses, possibilities for sponsors and changing the layout to your own corporate identity.

Are there any disadvantages?

I’ve tested and it works perfect. The given support is also great until now. The only disadvantage that I can think of is that you’re dependent on the internet. When the internet connection is instable or suddenly stops working, you can’t use Make always sure you have a downloaded version of your prezi as a backup. In case the internet connection stops working, you can always switch to your offline prezi and present offline. Asking questions could be done in the old-fashioned way. So, make sure you bring your questions with you. Because the consternation of a not-working internet connection can make you forget such thing.


After Prezi I wasn’t enthusiastic very quick about a tool. That’s why I’m proud to tell that we’re the official partner of From that point of view you’ll get a 10% discount when you use through us. Just send an e-mail to when you want to know more.

I’m curious about your questions regarding and at what event, meeting or training you want to use it. When you first want to see a demonstration, please let me know so we can arrange something. Just put in a reaction below this blog. We’d love to hear!

Hedwyg van Groenendaal
Founder Prezi University

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