Project highlighted: The most sustainable highway in the Netherlands

Last March, we were approached by InnovA58 to create a special prezi. InnovA58 is an initiative from the state -and overall Government and regional business community to renew the highway A58. The A58 connects the five major cities in the South of the Netherlands and is therefore indispensable in the region. The travel connections between the cities St. Annabosch/Galder and Eindhoven/Tilburg have increasing traffic jams and that’s not good. This may cause a threat for the accessibility and economic attractiveness of the region. That’s why InnovA58 wants to widen this highway, where they look at the maintenance of the whole A58 at the same time. They do this in a special way that we are going to explain further! 

InnovA58, a special project
Renewing a highway costs a lot of money, but it is important that it happens. Especially when we look at the inconvenience the current highway causes. That’s the reason why InnovA58 started looking to special alternatives to realize the highway as soon as possible with sustainability as high priority. Everyone gets a chance at InnovA58 to come up with innovative ideas and share them with the project organization. The main goal of these innovations is to save as many costs as possible, or to earn money with it. Eventually the ambition is that the widening is realized in 2023, because, as InnovA58 says: “The South of the Netherlands deserves a better and smarter highway!”

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment has made a budget free for widening of the A58 but unfortunately this budget is available from 2023. This means the project can only start in about 9 years, but this takes too long for the region. InnovA58 wants to tackle the problems as soon as possible: work hard! There are a lot of possibilities to take full advantage from the creativity within the business community in the preparation, during the construction and maintenance of the highway. Especially the innovational approach makes sure that cost of building and management can be kept low. So there remains money to widen the highway sooner, what ensures less inconvenience and irritation.

Prezi University and InnovA58
But… Before you can get started you first have to do some research. During this research they’re looking for solutions to various issues, such as what the widening exactly means, or which alternatives exists and the costs these alternatives will bring. At this point InnovA58 already made a selection of 30 promising innovations with which this project can be achieved. And, you can probably guess it already. From that moment we came into the game. The thirty innovations needed to be visualized clear and easy and Prezi is a perfect tool for that. That’s why we payed a visit to InnovA58 in March for a creative session.

During the creative session we got started with the most important issue for InnovA58: How can we visualize the innovations clear and easy? Soon after the start for the brainstorm we came up with the idea to create a literal visualization of the A58. We divided the thirty innovations that all have a shot to be used in the project into different categories, making a clear collection. From this point we could go look at how we could visualize all this categories in Prezi. The best option was to give every category another color, because there were many innovations!
The innovations about asphalt for instance, we gave a blue frame and the innovations about traffic, we gave a green frame. This is how we could see that the use of color can be very effective when you want to distinguish between different subjects.

InnovA58 had already, before the creative session, come up with a good system. They divided all thirty innovations into a traffic light-system based on the chances of success. We started to work with this traffic lights and decided to only use the “green traffic lights” in the prezi. That’s why there now are twenty from the thirty innovations in the prezi and there’s even more clearness. This moment was very import for InnovA58 as well for us, because from that moment  you realize how important a creative session is. During this session we made important decisions about the content and the layout of the prezi, after which we went back to the office with a lot of inspiration and got started immediately with the design.

The design
From every company we receive a document with all the information that needs to be in the prezi.  So also from InnovA58. The document with all the innovations contained a lot of text, something we want to avoid in Prezi. That’s why we asked the project group to put all innovations briefly on paper and to summarize it in one or two sentences. Meanwhile our designer Sanne got started with the visualization of the whole picture: the highway A58. Sanne designed all recognizable marks on the A58 and the highway itself, so that the fundament of the prezi was ready. Then there was a new meeting with InnovA58 where all the images were discussed that fits the project best and which elements had to be added or changed.

After this meeting, Sanne started working on the visualization of all innovations. All innovations were converted to images, because that’s a better way than text to show what you want to say. One of the biggest things we recognize during such a process is the prezi itself. This improves during the time, more precisely and more beautiful. Besides, the illustrations get more shape, so you can understand quicker what it’s all about. InnovA58 helped with this, because they made the texts about the innovations even a little shorter.

The end result!
We are proud to say that the prezi has become really visual. You can really see the A58 of the future. You can find the recognizable marks of the highway in the prezi and of course all innovations are highlighted by turn. Navigating within the prezi is also very nice, because you can see the prezi in two different ways. First you can follow the path, making you see all innovations automatically, but you can also watch the innovations for yourself by clicking on them directly. The colors we used in the beginning to show the different categories, does now make sure that the prezi is clear, colorful and creative.

At the end we delivered the prezi as a big .eps file, so the prezi even could be printed on a poster format. This poster now hangs in the office of InnovA58 and is used as a presentation besides the prezi itself.
You can find the prezi on the website of InnovA58, so check it out!

We are proud!

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  1. Posted May 8, 2014 at 2:25 PM | Permalink

    Very well designed and nicely presented.
    Thank you for sharing this.
    Am still learning the ways to use Prezi for my teachings about business and your Prezis help.

    Thank you again.
    Kind regards

    • Prezi University
      Posted May 8, 2014 at 8:27 PM | Permalink

      Thank you, Peter 🙂

  2. Matt bebe
    Posted October 23, 2014 at 12:58 PM | Permalink

    Really nice presentation 🙂
    I’m just wondering how much impact the same presentation would have without the animations? Why is this still a highlighted project when it is not possible to create a prezi like this anymore? The Prezi management really needs to find a solution to support SWF animation files soon otherwise this is false advertising…

    • Prezi University
      Posted October 29, 2014 at 12:45 PM | Permalink

      Also without animations you can create impressive prezis! We hope with you Prezi will find a solution to use animations again in the future.

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