Prezi joins Obama’s ConnectED!

Prezi joins Obama’s ConnectED! Last week, Prezi CEO Peter Arvai and President Obama announced a partnership for Obama’s new initiative ConnectED. We are really proud to say that Prezi joined ConnectED together with Adobe! Prezi’s commitment will provide 100 million dollar in Edu Pro Licences to hundreds of thousands of high schools and other educators, so more people can start using Prezi.

Obama wants to enrich the American education system by this initiative and his goal is to have 99% of the American students working with wireless technology and educational technology in classrooms within 5 years. Obama also wants middle class students to have opportunities for a better future and a better preparation for an education. A chance for everyone, and that’s what we think is a great initiative!

To reach this goal it’s important to work together with different companies that are future oriented concerning technology. That’s why Apple made 100 million dollar available in iPads, MacBooks and other products, has AT&T made more than 100 million dollar available to give free internet connectivity for at least three years to the students from the middle class and has Microsoft announced a huge discount on all Microsoft systems. This all is only for one purpose: create a new generation students of which everybody has a chance to work with the newest technologies.

Not only Prezi, but also Adobe joined the partnership. They share program software like Photoshop, Elements and EchoSign with a value of 300 million dollar. Obama announced the partnership with Prezi and Adobe during the student ‘film festival’ in the White House, where more than 2500 students created short movies about how they see the future in school, how they learn at this moment and how they use technologic developments in the classrooms. Are you curious about the videos of the children? You can watch them here!

Of course we’d also like to share the speech of Obama and the announcement of Peter Arvai before his visit to the White House!

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