Interview with FOI, a progressive financial Training Institute.

At FOI, you can learn all about finances in every sector. When they got in touch with Prezi via Hedwyg, they directly stood open for this creative, new way of presenting. That’s why FOI decided to work with Prezi and they now belong to the most advanced training institutes of their sector, where creativity plays an increasingly important role. FOI already works with Prezi for three years now and it turns out to be a great success. We’ve taught FOI everything about the basics of Prezi, after which they got started with great enthusiasm. From that moment on they do a follow-up very year to learn more and discover new features. FOI is convinced: creativity is part of the game, even in finance! For this interview we spoke to Klaas Kroot, Director and founder of FOI, about the love for Prezi.

1: How did you come to the idea to use Prezi?
When I met Hedwyg, she told me about a new presenting tool that we could possibly use. This was the first time I got in touch with Prezi and it seemed a good idea to do more with it.

2: How did you initially think of Prezi and what do you think now?

At first I had to get used to the creation of a Prezi presentation, because you need to know your storyline before creating the presentation. By the many possibilities in Prezi we can now pull off much more interactive and fresh presentations, in which we can always reach back on the common theme thanks to the zoom function. You can capture a route, or choose to ignore this path and determine a free path. So you can easily skip topics or dwell on into topics.

3: How are you using Prezi within the company?
We use Prezi for each training we give; so all our trainers work with it. The participants also receive a handout or web link so they can have a look back at the presentation at a later moment. We also use custom made prezis during sales presentations.

4: What is the importance of Prezi within the financial training institutes according to you?
The content of our trainings mainly consists of lists, logic and linearity: the left part of our brain. By using Prezi we stimulate both cerebral hemispheres to learn and remember. Because our right brain is specialized in images, symbols and imagination.

5: What is the most valuable that you were taught during the workshop Prezi?
Building a prezi is the most valuable that we’ve learned during the workshop. From a blank canvas to a complete presentation. But also how we can take advantage of all the features in Prezi, without having too much information in the prezi.

6: How does everyone respond to the new company prezi?
Everyone is always surprised when they see that we work with Prezi. Those who see the presentation are also curious as to how the presentations are made. Most of them are excited when they notice that we do things in a different way.

7: FOI is leading in this sector, what has Prezi brought you and when did you notice that it was successful?
With the use of Prezi, the trainings better stick to the participants. The message we want to tell comes way better across when you can support your story visually and when you can visualize the relation between subjects. In addition, our clients also see that we continue to innovate by using the newest possibilities.

8: What advice would you like to give to companies that still have doubts about using Prezi? Just do it! Start with a training of Hedwyg and then get started with the basic presentations that you can always rely on. In terms of content as well a tip: keep it simple! A prezi is most effective when there’s not too much information/text in it and when you use images, film and sound. And, note the use of different Prezi effects. You should avoid as many ‘big’ effects as possible, such as rotations of more than 90 degrees between frames and too deep zooms.


FOI knows the financial world in all its finest and their trainers are in the middle of it all. They belong the top of their sector. From business life to real estate, from accountancy to banks: everyone can join FOI for customized financial training. Read more in Dutch.

Read more about Prezi design at Prezi University!




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