Event report PreziKucha workshop @ Monday Meetup

Every last Monday of the month, Seats2meet.com organizes the Monday Meetup. During this day they’re opening up their open lounge, discussion tables and a few meeting spaces. This is to make sure an open platform takes shape, where knowledge is shared and gained, where people meet each other to network and to enlarge their network. We were also in on it last Monday, with a free PreziKucha workshop!

We started with a nice PreziKucha from Ton Oerlemans, wherein he told how Prezi University met Prezi for the first time and how he came into this world of presentations himself. After that, a short explanation followed about the workshop, because what is PreziKucha exactly?
PreziKucha actually means PechaKucha and it is a concept for doing short, creative and straight to the point presentations. Two architects from Tokyo developed the concept in 2003 and it becomes more popular every day, also in the Netherlands. The presentation contains 20 images, which each stay on screen for 20 seconds. After that, the next image shows up on screen. Eventually the presentation lasts exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds: the perfect length to do a good pitch or presentation without deviating from the main subject!

De group consisted of variety beginners and professionals in Prezi, but creating a PreziKucha was a challenge for everybody. Hedwyg explained the basics and made a presentation example. From that moment everyone relaxed and the first creative input of the day became a fact. For instance, you won’t have to think about sunburn and palm trees by hearing the word ‘sun’, but you can also think about green energy and solar panels. After the example everyone really wanted to get started with his or her own PreziKucha; the time flew! During the first minutes everyone stared at his or her computer screens with superior concentration. Choosing a subject turned out to be not as easy as thought… But, everyone began quickly and it became a real fun mess in no time, where creative input was shared and where people worked hard on the final presentations. After 1,5 hour of hard work, eating a Dutch, sticky sugar dish and drinking liters of water, the time had come for the final presentations. Because yes, everyone was curious about the others. 

The presentations were extremely good, especially when you pay attention to the time the participants had to create the PreziKucha. Besides that you could really see the differences within each presentation, what made everyone see that you can use a PreziKucha for really anything. There were talks about a new television format, about the love Marlies has for the city of Utrecht, the entrepreneurship of Mira, the thesis defense of Aurelia, the discrimination at Dutch soccer clubs, a crowd funding project for “the new” oldschool Volkswagen van, the compartmentalize in the Netherlands and we ended up with a PreziKucha about motivation. What everyone thought was most impressive, are the 20 seconds that each image lasts on screen. Where one person had no problem at all to fill these 20 seconds and even had to hurry to make it, there were also people that had seconds left and hoped that the next image came on screen really quick. This is logical, because practice makes perfect and after a few times of practicing the time awareness becomes better. After all, we can say that the day was a great success and the participants have learned a lot about presenting in a creative, fun and quick way. We are fan of PreziKucha!

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We’ve created a short compilation about the day, you can watch it here:

What our participants said:
“You are forced to stick to the point.”

“You don’t get bored easily. Some people let go of the official form and let their creativity speak. You can even zoom 20 times into one image!”

“You can loose yourself in your creativity!”

“The photo’s are just for support, they’ll go on by themselves.”

“You can tell your own story.”

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