Easy to find and share, folders in Prezi!

Would you like to share more prezis with one mouse click? It’s possible from now on with folders in Prezi. From today all your prezis can be arranged in folders so you can easily find and share them. It’s ideal when you want to share your prezi with a colleague or customer.

Collect your prezis in a folder
With the function “Shared folders” it’s possible for different users to save their prezis in the same folder. This could be very helpful when you’re creating presentations with for instance your colleague or college buddies about the same subject.  Or when you want to show different presentations to a customer. With one mouse click you can now watch all the prezis. There’s no need to use the ‘Share’ option anymore.

Tutorial, how to share a folder
Of course we’d like to explain how to create a folder and how to share it:

Step 1:
Go to the Prezi.com homepage. When you’re signed in you’ll be automatically redirected to ‘Your prezis”. Aren’t you signed in already, do this first. After signing in you’ll automatically go to the ‘Your prezis’ page.

Step 2:
On the left side of the screen you can see the folder “All prezis”. In this folder all your “homemade” prezis automatically appear. You now can create a new folder by clicking ‘New folder…’. Name the folder at the top part of the screen logically and click the blue ‘Rename’ button. That’s it, a new folder has been created.

Step 3:
Drag all the prezis you’d like to share into the folder you just created. You can place a prezi in more folders at the same time without problems so you won’t need a copy.

Step 4:

Click on the folder you’d like to share. After that, click in the top right corner “Add viewer”. Fill up the e-mailadres of the person you’d like to share the folder with and click ‘Add’. The person you shared your folder with receives an e-mail including a link to the folder. When the receiver clicks the link he or she will get access to the shared folder.

Step 5:
When you click on the shared folder you can see with how many people the folder is shared. When you click on the information you can see with which persons the folder is shared and who’s the owner of the folder.

Everyone who has been added to the folder will automatically receive an e-mail when a new prezi is added to the folder. So, you don’t need to bother your colleagues, co-workers or college buddies anymore with e-mails about updates.

When you use a Multi-User License with your company, all the users will automatically be added to the shared folder. When someone is added later to the license group, this person will be added to the shared folders too. All prezis are synoptic collected from now on and could be seen by the whole team.

Not only easy to share
Of course folders aren’t only easy to share prezis, but it also helps with your own structure! Before, the ‘Search prezis’ function was the best way to find back a prezi, especially when you had more than one page filled with prezis. Now you can easily arrange your prezis in folders, so you only need to click on a folder to see all prezis with the same subject.

It works great, those folders!


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