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Adding effects to your images in Prezi from now!

From now on you won’t need a photo editing program anymore to edit your images, because you can do this all in Prezi with the new function “Effects”. Give your image a nice effect or add a frame to it. Is your photo too light or too dark? No problem. Just edit it in Prezi! […]

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Round images in 7 steps

We already wrote a dutch blog about round images  in Prezi. Today we’re going to take it one step further, because we’re going to explain you how to create round images with a transparent background. We’re going to do this with the online editing program Pixlr, because not everyone has Adobe Photoshop on his or her […]

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Easy to find and share, folders in Prezi!

Would you like to share more prezis with one mouse click? It’s possible from now on with folders in Prezi. From today all your prezis can be arranged in folders so you can easily find and share them. It’s ideal when you want to share your prezi with a colleague or customer. Collect your prezis […]

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Tutorial: How to use a reusable prezi template?

Pretty nice, a reusable prezi to use for the holidays. But how can you actually use this prezi? We will explain it in this easy tutorial! To explain it we’ll use the Christmas prezi we specially made for you to use during the holidays. You can edit and share this prezi by yourself to all […]

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New in Prezi: bold and italic font styles

Yes! Finally you can use bold and italic font styles in Prezi. The B and I were added to the text box.

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Advanced stuff: my talk of Prezi Day 2013

In my talk of Prezi Day 2013 on October 3rd in Amsterdam I shared some cool advanced Prezi stuff with the audience. It was hard to choose what I was going to show, but I ended up with 10 cool things, from really simple to the technical nerdy stuff. And here it is for you […]

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New: sound in Prezi

Now you can also use sound in Prezi. I already used it myself in my prezi for the TED-Prezi contest. You can add sound to a prezi in two ways: background sound for the entire prezi voiceover track for a specific pathstep Read the extensive sound tutorial of Prezi.com for all the information. View the […]

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