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The best of Dutch Prezi Design: 5 tips

  Dutch Design is famous, world famous. Typical Dutch Design is minimalistic, experimental, innovative, unconventional and with a sense of humor. Every year both the Dutch Design Week and the Dutch Design Awards take place in Eindhoven. At least nine days in a row you can take a look inside the future of design and […]

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Sli.do: directly in touch with your audience

Your audience has a voice. When sli.do contacted me to test their new tool, I took this opportunity immediately of course. We love Prezi and when something new is developed for Prezi to get in touch with your audience even more, I’m totally excited. I tested sli.do in some of my workshops and I cannot […]

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On our way to the 5th birthday of Prezi!

On April 29th we flew to Budapest (Hungary) for a short vacation with our family. The last time we went to Budapest was four years ago. Back then we met the Prezi team for the first time. I just started to write my first Prezi book and I wanted to interview the founders of this […]

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Prezi Top 10 from 2013 from Prezi University

Just like last year we, from Prezi University, put together a Prezi Top 10. We want to share the most beautiful prezis we have seen in 2013 with you. So you’ll have enough inspiration to kick off 2014. 10. Save the Ocean A beautiful prezi made by Guilherme Criscuolo. 9. MasterPeace The MasterPeace prezi from […]

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Prezi 30 million users

It’s amazing! In just eight months Prezi went from 20 to 30 million users! Read the post on techcrunch.com

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New in Prezi: bold and italic font styles

Yes! Finally you can use bold and italic font styles in Prezi. The B and I were added to the text box.

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Prezi Book Giveaway!

Prezi just launched a new blogpost: 10 ways to learn how to use Prezi—and a giveaway! And what’s the giveaway?…  Yes! My new book, The Ultimate Prezi Guide! I’m so proud. Just tell Prezi in the comments of the blogpost what your favorite way is to learn how to use Prezi and win a free copy! […]

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Advanced stuff: my talk of Prezi Day 2013

In my talk of Prezi Day 2013 on October 3rd in Amsterdam I shared some cool advanced Prezi stuff with the audience. It was hard to choose what I was going to show, but I ended up with 10 cool things, from really simple to the technical nerdy stuff. And here it is for you […]

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Social Media Facts: example of infographics in Prezi

Here one our our examples how you can use infographics in Prezi. Infographics are a much better way to present facts and figures than old-fashioned charts and graphs. Let us know what think!

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New: Prezi simplifies the collaboration process

New tools just released in Prezi make it easier to work together on your presentations. You can brainstorm and co-create with your team in the same prezi. And you don’t have to be on the same location! Watch the video and find out everything about it on the Prezi collaboration page.

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