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The world of.

Sunday the 21st of September, the international day of peace. Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam is getting ready for an unique concert that will take place in the evening. Top artists from conflict areas all over the world are preparing for an emotional, musical evening. It’s going to be a night not to forget, already. MasterPeace […]

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This is what makes us happy!

As you’ve probably already heard, Hedwyg published her new book Prezi Hotshot a few weeks ago. This book contains 10 projects with which you can create great prezis. For example, the book explains how you can put your resume into Prezi, how you create a hand drawn prezi or how you create a corporate prezi. […]

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The new Prezi Viewer

Prezi has developed a new, improved Prezi viewer that’s unrolled today. The new viewer gives a faster and better Prezi experience on all platforms. For the most prezis this change doesn’t matter. But for some other prezis it does. These are the prezis that contains Flash animations, because the new viewer doesn’t support Flash animations […]

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Project highlighted: The most sustainable highway in the Netherlands

Last March, we were approached by InnovA58 to create a special prezi. InnovA58 is an initiative from the state -and overall Government and regional business community to renew the highway A58. The A58 connects the five major cities in the South of the Netherlands and is therefore indispensable in the region. The travel connections between […]

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Interview with FOI, a progressive financial Training Institute.

At FOI, you can learn all about finances in every sector. When they got in touch with Prezi via Hedwyg, they directly stood open for this creative, new way of presenting. That’s why FOI decided to work with Prezi and they now belong to the most advanced training institutes of their sector, where creativity plays […]

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About Terranova, SXSW and our role in it

Andy Stankiewicz is the co-founder of Terranova; a new concept for an app, with which you get connected with the nearest people, places and events. This app is developed to see the world in a different way and it’s pitched last week during one of the biggest festivals for music, film and interactivity in the […]

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Event report PreziKucha workshop @ Monday Meetup

Every last Monday of the month, Seats2meet.com organizes the Monday Meetup. During this day they’re opening up their open lounge, discussion tables and a few meeting spaces. This is to make sure an open platform takes shape, where knowledge is shared and gained, where people meet each other to network and to enlarge their network. […]

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Event Report Prezi Inspiration Night

Yesterday evening the eighth edition of the Prezi Inspiration Night took place. A select group met to get inspiration for selfmade prezis, but also to get new ideas for writing a children’s book in Prezi. During the evening different prezis were shown and short presentations were given. The guest speaker of the evening was Paul […]

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