About Terranova, SXSW and our role in it

Andy Stankiewicz is the co-founder of Terranova; a new concept for an app, with which you get connected with the nearest people, places and events. This app is developed to see the world in a different way and it’s pitched last week during one of the biggest festivals for music, film and interactivity in the world: The South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas (SXSW). This major event can be seen as a platform where creative people and companies show their work to develop their career and where people from all over the world gather together to meet and share ideas. The pitch Andy did during SXSW is made by Prezi University in Prezi and was a great success. Now the memories are still fresh in mind, this is the perfect moment for a throwback!

This year, Chicago-based technology company Terranova was selected by SXSW Interactive 2014 as one of the most innovative social technology startups. The company was invited to introduce its technology to a live audience of investors and industry influencers at the Accelerator event at SXSW. Sponsors Oracle, Samsung and Prezi presented the event. So, not the smallest companies!

A prezi for Terranova at SXSW

To come up with a good idea, Andy decided to use a prezi for the presentation: “I never worked with Prezi before, but I had always admired Hedwyg’s work, which I saw online.” Initially he reached out to Hedwyg, founder of Prezi University, to ask for her input for the prezi he wanted to show during SXSW, but it ended up being a cooperation with Prezi University.

Together they started to create the final presentation, which you can find under this blog post. Andy already had a complete storyline for the pitch and he knew exactly which elements he wanted to add in which order. This made sure the process ran smoothly and decisions could be made quick. The designers developed the final concept and decided it was best to put all the information into the logo of Terranova.

That’s what happened and the prezi for one of the most important festivals in the world became a fact.

Terranova connects

VentureBeat, a website that’s mentioned by the New York Times as one of the best blogs on the web, defines Terranova as a mobile app “built on natural language processing technology.” Terranova focuses on local findings rather than searching the web or applications for information. This means they aggregate information
about real-world activities and connect users with relevant people, places and events. The free application is currently in public beta for iOS and Android, so hurry to the appstore!

“SXSW Interactive 2014 was a unique opportunity to introduce Terranova to leading investors, technologists and thought leaders from around the world,” Andy said. “Together with Prezi University we’ve created – on a very tight deadline – a dynamic presentation that supported my message in a compelling way.”
What now? Soon, Terranova will introduce an enhanced version of its app. This enhanced version allows users to snap a picture or video of something they’d like to share with the world and make it “discoverable” by people around them. Terranova is working hard to make the app indispensable for every smartphone and mobile device!

Take a look at the prezi we made for Terranova:

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