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The best of Dutch Prezi Design: 5 tips


Hidden beauty – inner skins

Dutch Design is famous, world famous. Typical Dutch Design is minimalistic, experimental, innovative, unconventional and with a sense of humor. Every year both the Dutch Design Week and the Dutch Design Awards take place in Eindhoven. At least nine days in a row you can take a look inside the future of design and discover the trends of tomorrow.

At Prezi University we love beautiful things as well and we like to create beautiful presentations. Preferably with Prezi of course, the presentation tool of the future. Especially for you we listed our five Dutch Prezi Design tips. Take a step inside the world of design and get started!

1. Form Follows Function

We’d like to place the well-known Form Follows Function (FFF) principle from the architecture world on the first place of our Dutch Prezi Design tips. Indeed, the story you’re going to tell is much more important than the presentation you show. When every technical aspect fails you’ll at least have your story left. And if you can still tell that story at that point, you really have a good one. Your presentation is an accessory matter (hear us say that!). Because it’s not necessary to show the audience what you’re telling and the things you show need to have an added value to your story.

Your story first
So, before you even start designing in a tool, make sure you first finished your story. We mostly work with a storyline and storyboard. A storyline is your story, written in short sentences, and a storyboard is the translation from text to image, or the visualization of your story.

2. Overview

This tip is very specific for Prezi presentation and also the power of a good prezi. Creating the right flow (path) in a Prezi presentation isn’t rocket science for most people, but creating a right overview is different. Lots of people don’t even know how to visualize the overview and how to use it. An overview is important to give your audience context and reveal the relations between the different subjects. This way your audience will know what has been and what has yet to come. That’s what people like. If you only switch from one subject to another (so without an overview), you’re audience will become restless. With an overview they can breathe again and put everything together. Compare it to a helicopter view or just that step back to see things from a distance.

How do you do this in Prezi?
Both in the Prezi-editor and presentation mode you can click the little house on the right side of the screen to reveal the overview. So you can always use this. Another option is to add it to your path using the option Add Current View. When you want the overview to come back several times during your presentation, it’s also possible to give your audience the overview before you start a new subject. Other ways are to start or end your presentation with an overview. This makes it easier for your audience to ask questions, because they can see all main subjects in one glance.

3. Minimalism

OFORM Jewelry collection

The famous “Less is more” from architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe as a principle of minimalistic architecture is what we love to use as well concerning our prezis. The more you can take away, the more powerful things you do show become. That’s why we like little text, a lot of white space, a few different colors, simple fonts, big surfaces and better more of the same than all different things.

Simplicity is graceful, especially in Prezi presentations.

4. Use motion functional

Motion in a Prezi presentation is essential because motion gives focus and attention. However, motion is also the biggest pitfall in Prezi. Because when you use motion without thinking, your audience gets motion sick within seconds. So how do you use motion in a right way? The only right answer to this question is that you only need to use motion functional. Simply said: motion needs to be meaningful.

Use motion meaningful
When you zoom into a subject to discover more about this subject, motion would be meaningful. You also use it in sayings, for instance: “We’re going to dig deeper on this one”. Zooming out to show the overview is also meaningful. Think about the step back and the helicopter view. When you want to show a contrast or if you want to show a whole other side, it’s okay to put your presentation upside-down.  But useless ninety degrees rotations are best left ignored.

By the way, this doesn’t mean that everything has to be straight on in Prezi. It is allowed to make some little curves and put objects a little on tilt to achieve this. That works fine in Prezi. See it as “pitching along with the waves” what could actually be pretty nice. As long as it doesn’t turn into a storm.

5. More images, less text

An image says more than a thousand words. And that’s not even everything, because when you’re presenting there are already enough words you’re telling. Why would you show these words too? Better use images (also video) in your presentation than text.

You want people to remember you, right?


Generally we are better in remembering and understanding images than text. We have to read texts. And if we need to read in a presentation, we don’t listen to the speaker anymore. It’s also easier to get emotions across. With video it’s possible to move your audience to tears and pictures can really touch your audience. Please use that in your presentations. Because you want people to remember you, right? Or at least your story? Don’t forget to use humor as well. Funny images or nice videos could be a welcome change and are reminded better than boring texts and graphics. The most important thing is that your footage is from good quality. Better to have one beautiful, good picture than ten blurry images.

I know for sure you will create fantastic presentations with this five Dutch Prezi Design tips!

May I finally make a deal with you?

Let’s create more beautiful things together in the future!

The prezi of this blog:


Other links:

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The world of.

Sunday the 21st of September, the international day of peace. Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam is getting ready for an unique concert that will take place in the evening. Top artists from conflict areas all over the world are preparing for an emotional, musical evening. It’s going to be a night not to forget, already.

MasterPeace is the organization behind the concert and they want to inspire people by combining their talents and energy to create peace and togetherness. The message of tonight? Together we can create a world with less conflict.

Now, I’m not a real peacemaker from nature and to be honest I’d rather run far away from every organization that collects money to help people in the world. Maybe this doesn’t sound fair, but the trust I have in these kinds of organizations isn’t really high and most of the times it feels like a far from my bed show. So not really weird that I walked into the Ziggo Dome at half past seven with mixed feelings.

When I walk in, the atmosphere feels like a sort of warm blanket and I realize that we’re all here for one reason: building together on a world with no place for conflict (excluding the diehard fans waiting for their favorite artists coming on stage). And then the music starts. WOW.


The young Dutch singer Karsu ends the pre program with an intense performance.
She asks if everyone wants to hold up his program book on the middle page, where a big heart appears. Doubtful the first five people hold theirs up in the sky, after which slowly but surely the whole Ziggo Dome is filled with red hearts. We are Nelson! Even I get the goose bumps and get prouder every minute of being part of this group of people.

The rest of the evening is filled with artists from conflict areas standing proud next to each other and bringing us the most beautiful duets, a gun that has been turned into a guitar and personal stories. A child soldier who took faith in his own hands and chose for a life filled with music. A pianist who played classical songs on the piano in front of police officers, during all the violence in Ukraine. A Sudanese singer, demonstrable seized with emotion and caught in the moment, barely understanding where he stands at this point and with him lots of others. Impressed and with goose bumps all over my body I listen to the music. And then the penny drops.

I don’t think music realizes peace, or gets countries out of conflict. I also don’t think that our world leaders will lie awake from the sound that’s called peace. But, it is the world of us. Together we can create togetherness and listen to our music. Just being somewhere else with our thoughts and forget all conflicts on this world for a little while. MasterPeace, thanks for this special evening.

Wondering what we made for MasterPeace? Take a look at our portfolio.

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This is what makes us happy!

As you’ve probably already heard, Hedwyg published her new book Prezi Hotshot a few weeks ago. This book contains 10 projects with which you can create great prezis. For example, the book explains how you can put your resume into Prezi, how you create a hand drawn prezi or how you create a corporate prezi. So, it’s an interesting book for everyone who’s working with Prezi! We are happy, because the book is well received and Prezi has linked a really cool giveaway to it.







In the blog of Prezi, nine easy and quick ways were discussed to learn how to work with Prezi. You can get help from Prezi itself, or get started yourself by watching tutorials or reading blog posts. In this blog there was also attention for Prezi Hotshot and of course we are very proud of that. The giveaway from Prezi meant you could win your own copy of Prezi Hotshot by placing an image on Twitter or Instagram of your own prezi. Within no-time the first participants dropped in and #PreziHotshot became a great success.









Another way to participate was on a special Facebook page of Prezi. You entered your name and e-mail, and after that you could add the image of your prezi and send the message.









Finally it was time to announce the winners. 10 happy winners were announced through Twitter and they have now received their own copy of Prezi Hotshot.







Did you miss this giveaway? No tears. We have enough copies of the book Prezi Hotshot! 

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The new Prezi Viewer

Prezi has developed a new, improved Prezi viewer that’s unrolled today. The new viewer gives a faster and better Prezi experience on all platforms. For the most prezis this change doesn’t matter. But for some other prezis it does. These are the prezis that contains Flash animations, because the new viewer doesn’t support Flash animations anymore. Relax. It doesn’t have to be a disaster. Because the animation is replaced by a still picture.

The upcoming period (a few months) you can still go back to the old viewer so you can at least download your prezi in the old condition and can keep using it. When you download your prezi as a “portable prezi” (ZIP file), everything will continue working. By following the link “Return to the old version” you can go back to the old viewer.

Watch out! The static SWF files will continue working, only the SWF animations won’t.

As a supplement between the technicians under us: the new viewer is based on JavaScript which means we’re not dependent on Flash anymore (for the viewer at least). And that’s nice because Prezi will work on all platforms. So you won’t need a different viewer for the iPhone and iPad anymore.

Also read the update page of Prezi itself about the new Prezi Player.

Hereby an overview of point of interests about the new viewer (which we now know, because this list can be extended):

  • Flash animations (SWF) don’t work anymore.
  • The first frame of a Flash animation is shown as an image.
  • Static SWF files continue working.
  • When you embedded a prezi into a website, it could be possible you need to embed it again (with the new code).
  • A video is always shown in the upper layer. Everything that’s above the video, isn’t visible during the play.
  • When you download the prezi as a “portable prezi” (ZIP), the Flash animations will still work. The question is how long that will continue.

Comments are welcome!

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Sli.do: directly in touch with your audience

Your audience has a voice.

When sli.do contacted me to test their new tool, I took this opportunity immediately of course. We love Prezi and when something new is developed for Prezi to get in touch with your audience even more, I’m totally excited. I tested sli.do in some of my workshops and I cannot say anything else than it’s easy, it’s good working and the most important: my participants were very excited too. Suddenly they had an own voice. When I asked a question they didn’t have to raise their hand. A lot of people don’t really like that because they’re afraid that they’re the only one to raise their hand. You can also ask yourself if they answer honestly. When people can answer anonymous, they don’t just answer quicker but also more honest. This is how you get valuable information as a speaker.

But, the most important thing I saw was that everybody enjoyed it. They saw the results immediately changing on screen. And they were really having fun. What is more beautiful for a trainer or speaker to see your participants having fun?

Sli.do: what is it?

Sli.do for Prezi is an audience interaction tool that helps speakers and event organizers engage their audience with live questions and polls. As a presenter, you can create an event at sli.do’s website and immediately start gathering top questions and ideas from your audience. Participants use their mobile phones, tablets or laptops to vote and ask questions. They receive a simple link and don’t need to install anything. The answers are published real-time.

You won’t have to switch between screens, because you integrate sli.do in your prezi. This looks professional and it works smoothly.

With sli.do you can get to know your audience and you involve them in your presentation. This is how your audience gets more enthusiastic and more active. The audience also likes voting a lot because they can actually do something.

Besides being engaged in polls, the audience can also ask questions and vote for the ones they find the most interesting and relevant for the presentation topic. The speaker can choose to answer the questions during his presentation or at the very end.

Stay directly in touch with your audience.

What do you need?

It’s not difficult to use sli.do for your presentations. You of course need a sli.do account, a Prezi presentation and a stable internet connection. The audience will only need a mobile phone, tablet or laptop with a working internet connection. So they don’t have to download or install anything. They can use it right away and it’s so easy, everyone can do it.

There are four different sli.do packages. The Basic version is for free. With this package you get all the interactive functions of sli.do: live polls, questions and Twitter feed. But your data is public and you can only retrieve it 7 days after the event.  A nice way to try out sli.do. The Enjoy package costs 49 euros per event and offers private data. Meaning your event’s polls and questions are privately stored and you can retrieve your data within 1 year after the event. When you take your event a little bit serious, you should take the Enjoy account. With the Pro version costing 249 euros per event, you can also add your own logo and sponsors to your presentation screen, choose the url and you’ll receive extensive statistics after the event. Your data is private and you’ll get unlimited data retention. This account is ideal for the bigger business meetings and marketing events. The Premium package for 549 euros per event is the ultimate license with the most extensive functions and the most extensive support of sli.do. The Premium account will mostly be used for the bigger congresses.

You can pay for the different accounts per year or per event.

Sli.do in three steps

It’s easy and it works.

In three simple steps you can already use sli.do.

  1. Create a new event in your sli.do account and copy the Prezi link in it. The prezi will be added automatically in sli.do.
  2. Add questions (polls) to a few of your views (slides) in your prezi.
  3. Click on the Present button and you can start your presentation.

That’s how simple it works.

Of course there are more options like showing tweets, data analyses, possibilities for sponsors and changing the layout to your own corporate identity.

Are there any disadvantages?

I’ve tested sli.do and it works perfect. The given support is also great until now. The only disadvantage that I can think of is that you’re dependent on the internet. When the internet connection is instable or suddenly stops working, you can’t use sli.do. Make always sure you have a downloaded version of your prezi as a backup. In case the internet connection stops working, you can always switch to your offline prezi and present offline. Asking questions could be done in the old-fashioned way. So, make sure you bring your questions with you. Because the consternation of a not-working internet connection can make you forget such thing.


After Prezi I wasn’t enthusiastic very quick about a tool. That’s why I’m proud to tell that we’re the official partner of sli.do. From that point of view you’ll get a 10% discount when you use sli.do through us. Just send an e-mail to when you want to know more.

I’m curious about your questions regarding sli.do and at what event, meeting or training you want to use it. When you first want to see a demonstration, please let me know so we can arrange something. Just put in a reaction below this blog. We’d love to hear!

Hedwyg van Groenendaal
Founder Prezi University

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On our way to the 5th birthday of Prezi!

On April 29th we flew to Budapest (Hungary) for a short vacation with our family. The last time we went to Budapest was four years ago. Back then we met the Prezi team for the first time. I just started to write my first Prezi book and I wanted to interview the founders of this new innovative presentation tool. The team was small, the office was in an apartment, but we were enthusiastic and we had great talks!

Now, Prezi exists five years and that’s a good reason to celebrate, visit the new office and meet all these Prezi people. The team increased to 200!

Zoltan Radnai gave us an extended tour through the new Prezi office. Three floors of dedicated designers, developers, product managers, researchers and engineers. Nice workplaces, almost hidden cute meeting rooms and an amazing atmosphere. Wow! We were impressed.

We had lunch at Prezi and ate a Hungarian specialty: langos. The kids loved it.
And of course we brought a present for Prezi’s birthday. A typical Dutch present.

Thank you Prezi for having us, see you next time!
(and hopefully it doesn’t take us four years again to fly to Budapest)

See our complete photo album of our visit at our Facebook page.

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Project highlighted: The most sustainable highway in the Netherlands

Last March, we were approached by InnovA58 to create a special prezi. InnovA58 is an initiative from the state -and overall Government and regional business community to renew the highway A58. The A58 connects the five major cities in the South of the Netherlands and is therefore indispensable in the region. The travel connections between the cities St. Annabosch/Galder and Eindhoven/Tilburg have increasing traffic jams and that’s not good. This may cause a threat for the accessibility and economic attractiveness of the region. That’s why InnovA58 wants to widen this highway, where they look at the maintenance of the whole A58 at the same time. They do this in a special way that we are going to explain further! 

InnovA58, a special project
Renewing a highway costs a lot of money, but it is important that it happens. Especially when we look at the inconvenience the current highway causes. That’s the reason why InnovA58 started looking to special alternatives to realize the highway as soon as possible with sustainability as high priority. Everyone gets a chance at InnovA58 to come up with innovative ideas and share them with the project organization. The main goal of these innovations is to save as many costs as possible, or to earn money with it. Eventually the ambition is that the widening is realized in 2023, because, as InnovA58 says: “The South of the Netherlands deserves a better and smarter highway!”

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment has made a budget free for widening of the A58 but unfortunately this budget is available from 2023. This means the project can only start in about 9 years, but this takes too long for the region. InnovA58 wants to tackle the problems as soon as possible: work hard! There are a lot of possibilities to take full advantage from the creativity within the business community in the preparation, during the construction and maintenance of the highway. Especially the innovational approach makes sure that cost of building and management can be kept low. So there remains money to widen the highway sooner, what ensures less inconvenience and irritation.

Prezi University and InnovA58
But… Before you can get started you first have to do some research. During this research they’re looking for solutions to various issues, such as what the widening exactly means, or which alternatives exists and the costs these alternatives will bring. At this point InnovA58 already made a selection of 30 promising innovations with which this project can be achieved. And, you can probably guess it already. From that moment we came into the game. The thirty innovations needed to be visualized clear and easy and Prezi is a perfect tool for that. That’s why we payed a visit to InnovA58 in March for a creative session.

During the creative session we got started with the most important issue for InnovA58: How can we visualize the innovations clear and easy? Soon after the start for the brainstorm we came up with the idea to create a literal visualization of the A58. We divided the thirty innovations that all have a shot to be used in the project into different categories, making a clear collection. From this point we could go look at how we could visualize all this categories in Prezi. The best option was to give every category another color, because there were many innovations!
The innovations about asphalt for instance, we gave a blue frame and the innovations about traffic, we gave a green frame. This is how we could see that the use of color can be very effective when you want to distinguish between different subjects.

InnovA58 had already, before the creative session, come up with a good system. They divided all thirty innovations into a traffic light-system based on the chances of success. We started to work with this traffic lights and decided to only use the “green traffic lights” in the prezi. That’s why there now are twenty from the thirty innovations in the prezi and there’s even more clearness. This moment was very import for InnovA58 as well for us, because from that moment  you realize how important a creative session is. During this session we made important decisions about the content and the layout of the prezi, after which we went back to the office with a lot of inspiration and got started immediately with the design.

The design
From every company we receive a document with all the information that needs to be in the prezi.  So also from InnovA58. The document with all the innovations contained a lot of text, something we want to avoid in Prezi. That’s why we asked the project group to put all innovations briefly on paper and to summarize it in one or two sentences. Meanwhile our designer Sanne got started with the visualization of the whole picture: the highway A58. Sanne designed all recognizable marks on the A58 and the highway itself, so that the fundament of the prezi was ready. Then there was a new meeting with InnovA58 where all the images were discussed that fits the project best and which elements had to be added or changed.

After this meeting, Sanne started working on the visualization of all innovations. All innovations were converted to images, because that’s a better way than text to show what you want to say. One of the biggest things we recognize during such a process is the prezi itself. This improves during the time, more precisely and more beautiful. Besides, the illustrations get more shape, so you can understand quicker what it’s all about. InnovA58 helped with this, because they made the texts about the innovations even a little shorter.

The end result!
We are proud to say that the prezi has become really visual. You can really see the A58 of the future. You can find the recognizable marks of the highway in the prezi and of course all innovations are highlighted by turn. Navigating within the prezi is also very nice, because you can see the prezi in two different ways. First you can follow the path, making you see all innovations automatically, but you can also watch the innovations for yourself by clicking on them directly. The colors we used in the beginning to show the different categories, does now make sure that the prezi is clear, colorful and creative.

At the end we delivered the prezi as a big .eps file, so the prezi even could be printed on a poster format. This poster now hangs in the office of InnovA58 and is used as a presentation besides the prezi itself.
You can find the prezi on the website of InnovA58, so check it out!

We are proud!

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Interview with FOI, a progressive financial Training Institute.

At FOI, you can learn all about finances in every sector. When they got in touch with Prezi via Hedwyg, they directly stood open for this creative, new way of presenting. That’s why FOI decided to work with Prezi and they now belong to the most advanced training institutes of their sector, where creativity plays an increasingly important role. FOI already works with Prezi for three years now and it turns out to be a great success. We’ve taught FOI everything about the basics of Prezi, after which they got started with great enthusiasm. From that moment on they do a follow-up very year to learn more and discover new features. FOI is convinced: creativity is part of the game, even in finance! For this interview we spoke to Klaas Kroot, Director and founder of FOI, about the love for Prezi.

1: How did you come to the idea to use Prezi?
When I met Hedwyg, she told me about a new presenting tool that we could possibly use. This was the first time I got in touch with Prezi and it seemed a good idea to do more with it.

2: How did you initially think of Prezi and what do you think now?

At first I had to get used to the creation of a Prezi presentation, because you need to know your storyline before creating the presentation. By the many possibilities in Prezi we can now pull off much more interactive and fresh presentations, in which we can always reach back on the common theme thanks to the zoom function. You can capture a route, or choose to ignore this path and determine a free path. So you can easily skip topics or dwell on into topics.

3: How are you using Prezi within the company?
We use Prezi for each training we give; so all our trainers work with it. The participants also receive a handout or web link so they can have a look back at the presentation at a later moment. We also use custom made prezis during sales presentations.

4: What is the importance of Prezi within the financial training institutes according to you?
The content of our trainings mainly consists of lists, logic and linearity: the left part of our brain. By using Prezi we stimulate both cerebral hemispheres to learn and remember. Because our right brain is specialized in images, symbols and imagination.

5: What is the most valuable that you were taught during the workshop Prezi?
Building a prezi is the most valuable that we’ve learned during the workshop. From a blank canvas to a complete presentation. But also how we can take advantage of all the features in Prezi, without having too much information in the prezi.

6: How does everyone respond to the new company prezi?
Everyone is always surprised when they see that we work with Prezi. Those who see the presentation are also curious as to how the presentations are made. Most of them are excited when they notice that we do things in a different way.

7: FOI is leading in this sector, what has Prezi brought you and when did you notice that it was successful?
With the use of Prezi, the trainings better stick to the participants. The message we want to tell comes way better across when you can support your story visually and when you can visualize the relation between subjects. In addition, our clients also see that we continue to innovate by using the newest possibilities.

8: What advice would you like to give to companies that still have doubts about using Prezi? Just do it! Start with a training of Hedwyg and then get started with the basic presentations that you can always rely on. In terms of content as well a tip: keep it simple! A prezi is most effective when there’s not too much information/text in it and when you use images, film and sound. And, note the use of different Prezi effects. You should avoid as many ‘big’ effects as possible, such as rotations of more than 90 degrees between frames and too deep zooms.


FOI knows the financial world in all its finest and their trainers are in the middle of it all. They belong the top of their sector. From business life to real estate, from accountancy to banks: everyone can join FOI for customized financial training. Read more in Dutch.

Read more about Prezi design at Prezi University!




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About Terranova, SXSW and our role in it

Andy Stankiewicz is the co-founder of Terranova; a new concept for an app, with which you get connected with the nearest people, places and events. This app is developed to see the world in a different way and it’s pitched last week during one of the biggest festivals for music, film and interactivity in the world: The South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas (SXSW). This major event can be seen as a platform where creative people and companies show their work to develop their career and where people from all over the world gather together to meet and share ideas. The pitch Andy did during SXSW is made by Prezi University in Prezi and was a great success. Now the memories are still fresh in mind, this is the perfect moment for a throwback!

This year, Chicago-based technology company Terranova was selected by SXSW Interactive 2014 as one of the most innovative social technology startups. The company was invited to introduce its technology to a live audience of investors and industry influencers at the Accelerator event at SXSW. Sponsors Oracle, Samsung and Prezi presented the event. So, not the smallest companies!

A prezi for Terranova at SXSW

To come up with a good idea, Andy decided to use a prezi for the presentation: “I never worked with Prezi before, but I had always admired Hedwyg’s work, which I saw online.” Initially he reached out to Hedwyg, founder of Prezi University, to ask for her input for the prezi he wanted to show during SXSW, but it ended up being a cooperation with Prezi University.

Together they started to create the final presentation, which you can find under this blog post. Andy already had a complete storyline for the pitch and he knew exactly which elements he wanted to add in which order. This made sure the process ran smoothly and decisions could be made quick. The designers developed the final concept and decided it was best to put all the information into the logo of Terranova.

That’s what happened and the prezi for one of the most important festivals in the world became a fact.

Terranova connects

VentureBeat, a website that’s mentioned by the New York Times as one of the best blogs on the web, defines Terranova as a mobile app “built on natural language processing technology.” Terranova focuses on local findings rather than searching the web or applications for information. This means they aggregate information
about real-world activities and connect users with relevant people, places and events. The free application is currently in public beta for iOS and Android, so hurry to the appstore!

“SXSW Interactive 2014 was a unique opportunity to introduce Terranova to leading investors, technologists and thought leaders from around the world,” Andy said. “Together with Prezi University we’ve created – on a very tight deadline – a dynamic presentation that supported my message in a compelling way.”
What now? Soon, Terranova will introduce an enhanced version of its app. This enhanced version allows users to snap a picture or video of something they’d like to share with the world and make it “discoverable” by people around them. Terranova is working hard to make the app indispensable for every smartphone and mobile device!

Take a look at the prezi we made for Terranova:

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Event report PreziKucha workshop @ Monday Meetup

Every last Monday of the month, Seats2meet.com organizes the Monday Meetup. During this day they’re opening up their open lounge, discussion tables and a few meeting spaces. This is to make sure an open platform takes shape, where knowledge is shared and gained, where people meet each other to network and to enlarge their network. We were also in on it last Monday, with a free PreziKucha workshop!

We started with a nice PreziKucha from Ton Oerlemans, wherein he told how Prezi University met Prezi for the first time and how he came into this world of presentations himself. After that, a short explanation followed about the workshop, because what is PreziKucha exactly?
PreziKucha actually means PechaKucha and it is a concept for doing short, creative and straight to the point presentations. Two architects from Tokyo developed the concept in 2003 and it becomes more popular every day, also in the Netherlands. The presentation contains 20 images, which each stay on screen for 20 seconds. After that, the next image shows up on screen. Eventually the presentation lasts exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds: the perfect length to do a good pitch or presentation without deviating from the main subject!

De group consisted of variety beginners and professionals in Prezi, but creating a PreziKucha was a challenge for everybody. Hedwyg explained the basics and made a presentation example. From that moment everyone relaxed and the first creative input of the day became a fact. For instance, you won’t have to think about sunburn and palm trees by hearing the word ‘sun’, but you can also think about green energy and solar panels. After the example everyone really wanted to get started with his or her own PreziKucha; the time flew! During the first minutes everyone stared at his or her computer screens with superior concentration. Choosing a subject turned out to be not as easy as thought… But, everyone began quickly and it became a real fun mess in no time, where creative input was shared and where people worked hard on the final presentations. After 1,5 hour of hard work, eating a Dutch, sticky sugar dish and drinking liters of water, the time had come for the final presentations. Because yes, everyone was curious about the others. 

The presentations were extremely good, especially when you pay attention to the time the participants had to create the PreziKucha. Besides that you could really see the differences within each presentation, what made everyone see that you can use a PreziKucha for really anything. There were talks about a new television format, about the love Marlies has for the city of Utrecht, the entrepreneurship of Mira, the thesis defense of Aurelia, the discrimination at Dutch soccer clubs, a crowd funding project for “the new” oldschool Volkswagen van, the compartmentalize in the Netherlands and we ended up with a PreziKucha about motivation. What everyone thought was most impressive, are the 20 seconds that each image lasts on screen. Where one person had no problem at all to fill these 20 seconds and even had to hurry to make it, there were also people that had seconds left and hoped that the next image came on screen really quick. This is logical, because practice makes perfect and after a few times of practicing the time awareness becomes better. After all, we can say that the day was a great success and the participants have learned a lot about presenting in a creative, fun and quick way. We are fan of PreziKucha!

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What our participants said:
“You are forced to stick to the point.”

“You don’t get bored easily. Some people let go of the official form and let their creativity speak. You can even zoom 20 times into one image!”

“You can loose yourself in your creativity!”

“The photo’s are just for support, they’ll go on by themselves.”

“You can tell your own story.”

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